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State Kelantan

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Taman Negara Kelantan ( Kelantan National Park), Kuala Koh is the only official entry point in the state of Kelantan to Taman Negara. Located at the end of an oil palm estate, Kuala Koh is unique as compared to the more populous Taman Negara Kuala Tahan. Kuala Koh is situated at the conference of Sungai Lebir and Sungai Koh. Taman Negara Kuala Koh is part of the Peninsular National Park covering 4343 sq km which includes the state of Kelantan, Trengganu and Pahang. It is home to many unique species of flora and fauna.

Student's dormitory

Taman Negara Kelantan offer good infrastructure for visitors such as chalet, camping site, clean toilets and dormitory. A lot of activities can be done here such as night walk, canopy walk, rafting, flora and fauna viewing etc.

Canopy walks started from here.

Tualang were conserve here.. It is one of the most expensive timber..

Beautiful fungus found in the forest

The instructor from Perhililitan will give great explanation during the trip inside the forest. He explained about most of the plant that we saw inside the forest like Tualang, Merapuh, Meranti and many more. We also found some of the wild life track like elephant, bear, boar etc.

For further information, please contact :

Jajahan Gua Musang
Wisma Persekutuan
18300 Gua Musang
Tel/Fax: 09-912 2940

Taman Negara Kelantan, Kuala Koh
18300 Gua Musang, Kelantan
Tel: 09-928 2952

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